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Polstjernan Antikhandel is run by Lennart Madestrand and his son Mikael Madestrand. 

Lennart started his career in the industry in the late 60's as an apprentice to the known profile Fredrik Calsén in Kalmar, an expert on brass handicrafts and medieval objects.

In the beginning of the 70's Lennart ran the antique store Anno1783 on Östermalmstorg until Polstjernan opened in the current premises in 1978. 

With 40 years experience and expertise Polstjernan is one of Sweden's foremost antique shops with a focus on primarily Swedish articles from 1700 to 1800's of high quality.
Lennart was also elected as an expert for north European objects at the Biennale in Paris in the 1990s and possesses unique knowledge in the field.


Of course there is also much room for other major powers in the furniture and decorative arts from the time, such as French, Italian, English and Russian items. 

Our customer base is international and consists mainly of private clients,

institutions and museums such as the Paul Getty and National Museum  od Sweden

Using our wide contact network abroad we're happy to help with the sale of objects, furnishings and insurance valuations. 

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